Why nose piercing is done

Why nose piercing is done

This is where the hard part of the nose known as the cartilage is pierced for purposes of having the adornments on the nose. Of the nose piercing practices, perhaps the most common is the nostril piercing.

Why is it done?

One of the reasons why the nose piercing is done is because of religious reasons. Some adornments like this are popular in countries like India. The women are the ones who make the piercing as an expression of their beauty or religious leanings.

Men too have the same nose piercing done on them in India, Pakistan among various other parts of the world.

Why nose piercing is done

How they look like

To identify the nose piercing for adornment, there is the loop-bar closure or even a stud, The choice of any of the above depend to a large extent on personal taste and preference. You will however find that some of these are defined by the shape and size of the nose.

Nose rings are also a popular tradition in various parts of the world. They are for instance for come cultural significances. One of the most popular uses is in funerals in some races.

Ease of removal

One of the fundamental attributes of the nose piercing is the fact that the rings, stud or the l-bar closure can be slipped and removed with ease. It would otherwise be useless to have the rings and others if you will not be able to remove them at will. Thankfully, the space in the piercing is enough to allow one to slide them and slip them out without much difficulty. This could perhaps explain why many people are able to put them on and the replace them with others easily.

Why nose piercing is done

The use the piercing in the society

The idea of having the nose piercing was not popular in the western world until the turn of the 20th century when they became a popular scene in the celebrity and movie must-have for some actresses. From the early 20th century to date, they are now a popular feature in many western world cultures. You will however find that they are mostly used in the western world more for beauty rather than for any religious or any other reason.

Work place

With modernity, the ear piercing has found its place in the modern workplace whereby not only women but men too wear the loops and the studs for women and men respectively. It seems that they are perceived as a personal style in the work place hence acceptable.

As time goes by, you will find that the piercing in the nose will be accepted widely in the mainstream as people become more and more tolerant to personal expression of style.

Whichever the case, one needs to be careful so that if your workplace or society forbids them on certain occasions, you should acknowledge it but if there is nothing wrong, then you can go ahead and have as much fun with the piercings.