What you need to know about belly piercings

What you need to know about belly piercings

Also known as belly-button piercing, this is one of the most popular piercings that you will come across. Many people-and especially women- find them sexy and will do anything to get them. You can either have the star or square shaped kind of piercing on the sides or the lower/upper part of the navel. For most women, it is difficult to reconcile the fact that they are unable to have the belly piercings that they need. The reasons given here below are plain and direct and the earlier one gets to understand this, the better.

Navel anatomy

Do you have the navel anatomy? If not, there is no point in having them because ideally, you will not look great in them no matter how much effort you put into it. This means that you should have such a body shape that brings out the most out of the belly piercings. The piercing expert will assist you learn much more about the belly piercings and why they work on others and not the others.

Room for piercing

Perhaps to expound on the navel anatomy bit, you need to ask yourself whether you have enough room for the piercing to be done. You will need to ensure that there is enough skin where the belly piercings can be done. You will find that the piercing will require space where it can hang without putting so much pressure on the navel. In most cases, you will find that if there is little skin for the piercing, there will be too much pressure on the top and bottom part of the navel and this could give way went one least expects it.

What you need to know about belly piercings

What the expert will need to do

You will first be asked by your expert to sit and lean forward. By just looking at how it adjusts, they will be able to form an opinion on whether this is the right piercing for you. Ideally, this should not close when you bend or give the kind of wink we have on the navel when you apply excessive pressure from either side.


If you do to have the right belly piercings, the risk of infection is high. The piercing could cause an infection that will travel from the navel to the inside of the body. It is something that will travel from one point to the other such as the internal organs. Caution should be exercised since the risk of infection could mean that you end with complications that will deny you a chance to enjoy looking bold and beautiful in such kind of piercings.

The other problems which could arise include the allergic reaction, bleeding, rejection of the jewerly and the scarring.

What you should do

It is as simple as getting in touch with an expert so that you can be assisted to establish whether you are a suitable candidate or not. In this case, if you have adequate space or room for it or not.