What is Christina piercing?

What is Christina piercing?

This is also known as venues piercing and is associated with piercing the female genitalia .You will find it one the outer labia just immediately below the pubic mound. The Christina piercing has the following characteristics:

Pierced on the surface

The Christina piercing is done on the surface of the skin. It is done, as we have seen, on the outer labia. This makes it most visible on a naked body. You will find that most ladies want a kind of piercing that is visible to the eye and make them attractive. You will be smiling at this until you read the second characteristics.

High rejection rate

Perhaps what will not be very good news is the fact that most of the piercings are rejected since not all women are able to vary their anatomical structure to suit the Christina piercing?

What is Christina piercing?What is Christina piercing?

No sexual stimulation

For those who think that they can impact on the sexual lives through this piercing, perhaps this will be a shocker to you in the sense that you will  not have anything more than the beauty enhancement that comes with them. So go ahead and have the piercing without necessarily having to believe the myth of bursting with sexual energy.


This is made using the barbell that is circular shaped but which makes it look the way we know it. The surface bar is Alsop a common tool for making the piercing.

Where did the name come from?

Most women have the Christina piercing without a much as digging into the past to find out its origin. The truth of the matter is that it has a contemporary origin and is named after the first woman to ever receive it. She was a woman by the name Christina. Most people also know it by other name Venus and you will not be wrong by making use of this reference anyway.

What is Christina piercing?

Healing process

It usually takes around 4 months to the maximum to heal from the wound, though ties will vary with some getting healed by the end of the third month.


Since this is a surface piercing, perhaps one needs to be very careful since there is always the risk of having the complications that come with piercing the surface of the skin. The reasons behind this include the long canal for piercing, movement of the piercing and the constant friction with the body.

What to do

If you so much want this kind of piercing, you need to be careful by ensuring that you ate attended by an expert. The highest possible level of hygiene should also be observed. If the healing takes longer than necessary, visit the expert for review and ensure that the piercing does not move so much on the skin to reduce the friction.

The risk of washing out is also common and therefore one must be cognizant of this fact. The risk of infection cannot be wished away and in fact should be confronted.