What is barbell piercing?

What is barbell piercing?

This is a popular type of piercing which is characterized by the use of straight bars with beads appearing on the either ends. An epoxy is used which means that you cannot unscrew it for purposes of changing the beads. Being right handed as the barbell piercing is known for, you will only be able to use one bead to remove or put back the jewerly.

Why this piercing?

They are so called because they very much look like the weight lifting equipment o going by the name.

Types of barbells

What is barbell piercing?

When it comes to the barbell piercing, you will find that there are a variety of them with some being internally threaded, while others are external; better still, you will come across curved ones, circular and surface barbells. As you will discover, these are named according to their appearance. For instance the barbell piercing that is circular is referred to as circular barbells and so on. They are worn depending on factors such as size and the location in which they need to be put.


What is barbell piercing?

Another important aspect of the barbell piercing is the fact that they make use of the beads. These, just like the toes of berbells, come in different makes. The most common of them are the cones, cylinders, spherical, cubes among others. The point of complimentarily comes to the fore when one needs to have them in the scheme of things. It is important that one chooses the beads depending on the shapes that go well with bodily shape as well as those which accentuate the body features. Talk to an expert who will help you come up with the best shapes in the name of beads to be used in the piercing.

What materials are used to make the piercings?

Teflon and Tyron are some of the most flexible materials that you will find being used to make the barbells. Acrylic and glass are used for decorative rather than for piercing. This is because you will find that they are not suitable when they enter through the skin. Talk to an expert to help you make informed decisions when choosing the materials that are needed for the piercing.

How they began

The barbell piercing is not a very old tradition. In fact it is considered more of a  contemporary practice .Some pre-dated artefacts have been found among  the tribal people with the internally  and externally threaded  barbells being a clear indication that it was used for come cultural symbolism. The first barbells were found in Germany before the practice spread out to other parts of the world.

They were initially in the form of studs and were generally in a variety of piercing. These have evolved over time to be what we know them to be in the modern society.

The barbell’s body part is the ear lobe though the cartilage is also a popular one. You can have it on DIY basis since it is not strictly controlled like others.