Types of Face piecing

Types of Face piecing

There is so much to learn about face piercing. This is because the facial piercing encompasses the eyebrow, the lips, cheek and the nose. All these are ideally found in the face, so it only makes sense to view them as part of the wider beauty on the face. In this article, we are going to look at the various aspect of the piercing.

The eyebrow

Types of Face piecing

We all know that the eyebrow has the eyelashes, the hallmark of eye beauty. The lush eye lashes can be trimmed and the eye pensile used to highlight it. However, there is more to the eyes than just the eyelashes. The eye brow can be pierced and then the jewerly added there. You can have the piercings done on either eyes and you can have more than one piercing done. They look splendid if the right size of the jewerly is used. There are certain rings that are inserted either horizontally or vertically so that you can look more beautiful. Visit the piercer today and enquire more about the eyebrow piercing so as to enhance your facial beauty.

The cheeks

Moving down, there are the cheeks where you can have micro dermal implants as part of the face piercing. It means that you can have false dimple piercing. They are done on the cheeks so that if you don’t have the dimples, you can have the appearance as if you have them already. The danger with this method is that it could potentially lead to infection because the hollow needle is pushed through the skin to the gum and the teeth. If the piercer is not careful, the piercing could b a source of infection. If there is an alternative-and there is usually one-then this should be the way to go. Talk to the piercer so that you can be offered other safer alternatives.

Types of Face piecing

The nose

This is an important part of the face where you can have it pierce.

The lips

These are part of the face so it only makes sense to have them as part of the face piercing. The upper and lower lips are sensual and can therefore can be enhanced to a certain degree. There is the upper and lower lips are both important parts of your face. Whether you have pouty lips or the fleshy ones, you will find that at the ends of the day, you can change their appearance for the better. For instance, you can have s stud on the upper lip or the lower deepening on your preference. Again, depending on the size of the lips, you can have more than pone jewerly inserted on the lips.

By and by, you will find that face piercing is a wide area for consideration such that you can go to other unchartered areas of the face such as the brow, the area between the brow and the forehead and so on. There is absolutely nothing wrong as long as the piercer feels that you have enough tissue in the area for the piercing to be done.