Top lip piercing

Top lip piercing

Be aware of top lip piercing types and prefer the best one

Many lip piercing types grasp the attention of women who have a crush on unusual piercing these days. If you are a beginner to lip piercing and willing to be aware about it further, then you are at the right place. The following details explain you about top lip piercingtypes. You will be encouraged to enhance your trendiness with the lip piercing.

Labret piercing

Even though the labret piercing is done under the lip, this piercing is very popular among those who love lip piercing in our time. You can choose this piercing type and make an informed decision about the right position for piercing.

Monroe piercing

Devotees of Marilyn Monroe do not fail to get impressed by her birthmark just above her lips. If you prefer this piercing, then you have to wear the best suitable ornament on the top of the upper lip’s left hand side. This is advisable to prefer the labret stud and get the best result from your efforts.

You can consult with skilled employees of renowned tattoo salons and get an overview about the Madonna and Monroe style piercings in detail. The main difference between these two lip piercings are the place where the piercing takes place. In the Madonna piercing type, women wear the stud on the right hand side of their upper lip.

Top lip piercing

Spider bites piercing

If you wish to make your bottom lips attractive, then you can prefer the spider bites piercing right now. This lip piercing is known for its distinctiveness and attention-grabbing appearance. You have to wait until one piercing restores to health completely and get the next piercing. You cannot do both piercing at the same time. This lip piercing resembles the snake bites.

Cyber bites piercing

Many teenagers worldwide choose the cyber bites piercing nowadays. This is because they fall in love with the most uniqueness of this piercing. This piercing combines both Labret piercing and Medusa piercing. These piercings in the opposite direction give a distinctive look beyond doubt. If you have worn one stud in the upper lip’s middle portion, then you can wear another stud on the lower lip just opposite to the above stud.

The dolphin bites piercing

Youngsters do not like to compromise their wishes about the best piercing in the most unique way. They can select the dolphin bites piercing to make their wishes about the lip piercing come true. This is because this lip piercing involves two piercings. These piercings in the lower lip’s center part make you stylish as you have expected. You will get the best result when you place these piercings in the lowest part of the lip.

Fashionable lip piercings

If you wish to get the top lip piercing type and make your appearance out of the ordinary, then you can try any of the following lip piercing types. You will get the most expected result.

  • Dahlia piercing
  • Canine bites piercing
  • Shark bites piercing
  • Angle bites piercing
  • Vertical labret piercing
  • Jestrum piercing
  • Medusa piercing