Nose piercings tips

Nose piercings tips

There is no truism in saying that nose piercings is avant grade. In fact it has been in the mainstream for a while now. For thousands of years, the nose piercing has been practised and continues o take a pre-eminent position to date. In most of the cases, you will either have it done on the septum or the curve of the nose. The following are the tips that are available for this kind of piercings:


It cannot be overstated the importance of observing the highest level of hygiene when it comes to the piercings. A surgical marker is needed for marking the area where the piercing ought to be done. You can alternatively use the Gentian Violet for the making. They ensure that you do it only on the designated part of the nose in which case we are referring to the septum or the curve of the nose.

Nose piercings tips


A cork is necessary to be put inside the nostril during the piercing so that you do not injure the inside part of the nose. As you will realize, the inside of the nose is supplied with various blood vessels and as such small piercing will prove very costly as you may come to find out.

Use round forceps

This is the tool that is placed on the marker and then the needle is pushed trough. Only an expert should carry out the piercing so that the highest standard of care is exercised.

Needle and the cork

When the nose piercings are being done, the needle is pushed to the other side of the nose where the cork is already in place. Ideally, you will pierce the cork on the side which thus serves as a cushion to protect the inside of the nose.

Nose piercings tips

Inserting the jewelry

Once t the hole is made through the piercing, then jewerly is then placed on the hollow of the needle and pushed through the piercing. Then the needle comes out without the jewerly as it leaves it behind.

Piercing gun

The gun is in most of the times not the tool of choice for many reasons. If you can have the hollow needle. Just to expound on this point, you will find that it is usually cumbersome o use given the size of the nose and shape; it is also diffcicult when you want sterilize it. With this in mind, it is important to consult the experts who will tell you what you need to have the nose piercings.

Nose piercings tips

 The styles

Once you have the piercing is done, there are a number of styles of the piercings that you can have. Examples include nose rings, studs, screw and what have you.


There are various materials that one can use as an option for the jewerly. What is important is that you should research well and find out what works and what doesn’t. The point is that there could be some grey areas when it comes to what is good and what is not.