Helix piercing on the ear

Helix piercing on the ear

The outer part of the ear is usually perforated so that one can have the helix piercing. The outer ear is made up of hard material that is known as the cartilage. It is on this cartilage that you can have this kind of piercing. The following are the important considerations that you have to make when you consider this kind of piercing.

Shape of the ear

Granted, all of us do not have the same shape of the ear. This will in term impact on the helix piercing. For instance, some people have small ears while others have big one. In the long run, you will find that the size of the helix will determine if you are going to have the piercing or not.

Helix piercing on the ear

Curvy ears

The curve on the cartilage will affect the appearance of any jewerly that you are going to have on the ear. If the area is large and visible, then the helix piercing will be easy to carry out. The anatomical feature of the ears will to a large extent affect the way we perceive this kind of piercing.

Number of the piercing

One other thing about the piercing is that it is made based on the number of perforations. You can just have one or several of them lined along the helix. Those with large helix will have an advantage over the number of perforations they can have at any one time. In this regard, you will better visit some of these places and talk to the expert who will look at the helix part of the ear and make recommendations on whether you can have the perforations and the number you can have there.

Helix piercing on the ear

There are of course a number of factors which will affect this. The first one of course has got to do with the size of the helix and of course there is the shape of ear as explained above. The third one which is equally important is the condition of the ear. If the helix part of the ear has an infection or a wound, you cannot have the perforations done until healing has taken place and that you it has been certified safe for perforations by a qualified person.

The jewerly

Of course it is important to point out the fact that the size, nature and type of the jewerly to be out there will have a bearing on whether you will have the helix piercing or not. People generally think these do not matter but they are the reason why some people have the piercings and others do not.

The allergic reaction by some people to the piercing may eventually cause one not to have this kind of piercing. The jewerly to be put there will have an effect on the piercing, much the same way the piercing tool will influence the piercing and whether the fiercer will suggest an alternative. As you will find out, these factors affect the piercing of helix.