Helix piercing inspirations

Helix piercing inspirations

When you have a perforation on outer rim of the ear, this is basically what we call the helix piercing. It is the hard outer part or cartilage of the ear. It is one common type of the ear piercing that as inspired various types of piercings ranging from the barbell, labret stud to bead ring. If   you are looking for the best helix piercing, here then are the inspirations to look forward to.

Custom made

There are such piercings which you can have. A good example is the custom made ones such the handmade crystal beads that are blue coloured.  For only $8.99, you can have one of a lifetime opportunity to own such a custom made helix piercing. There are of course many customs made piercing available depending on the preference of the client.

Colour options

There are many colour options available for you to choose from. A good example is the 3mm helix piercing that will be availed to you in many colours that you need.

Helix piercing inspirations

Hand crafted

There are many hand crafted ones that go by various names such as the septum leaf  Helix ring with a leaf which go  for only  $11. This is little when you imagine what value for money that you will get.

The 16 g small gold piercing is one other example of such customized piercings that you can have. Ideally, here are the various factors to consider when going for these kinds of designs.

Varies with person

No two people will experience the same thing when it comes to this kind of piercing. The pain is one factor that will distinguish one or more persons when it comes to their experiences. For instance, due to the cartilage present on the ear, the pain intensity will vary.

The person carrying out the perforations may apply  a lot of pressure on the cartilage and depending on whether there are nerve endings present there, you will either feel pain or not. If the person doing it is highly experienced, then you need to be extra careful.

Helix piercing inspirations

The only consoling thing that the pain may not be intense once the perforation has been done since it will add for no more than 3 minutes. It is important to be aware of the fact that there must be pressure exerted on the cartilage in order to perforate it.

 What is used?

During the perforation, you will be advised to ensure that the piercing gun is used carefully to prevent the shock that is commonly felt in the ear. A curved needle is commonly preferred to the gun a. You can also have the hollow needle which is a better option.

Using a cork

As a precaution, a cork is place somewhere towards the opening of the ear canal so that the piercing does not lead to the ear canal and cause unnecessary damage to the ear, the cartilage in the worst-case scenario could be shattered and this may be costly to your ear.