Factors affecting Lip piercing types

Factors affecting Lip piercing types

There are many lip piercing types: from the horizontal to the vertical ones, you will find that there are a number of factors that will come into play when choosing which one is the best for you. In this article, we are going to look at the lip piercing types in respect to the anatomy.

Factors affecting Lip piercing types

The lip is a sensual part of the mouth. Some have it fleshy while others have pouty lips. It goes without saying that the shape of the lips and size will determine the lip piercing types for you. if for instance you have rounded lips on the edges, you can easily make piercing on the edges to bring about the ‘sureness’ of the lips .In fact some people do have many rings put on the either sides of lips and still look gorgeous.

You can have a piercing for the purpose of having a stud, a ring and such. However, this is easier said than done; you will find this costly an undertaking especially if you have not factored in the shape of the lips as well as the shape of the piercing.


Does it really matter to you where the piercing will be made? Well it a should because there is the upper and there is the lower side of the lip. It will for instance be inconveniencing to have the lip piercing in the middle of both such that it gets in the way when you open your mouth to eat. It should as such be strategically placed where it stands out as a mark of beauty and at the same time allows you to move with your life.

Number of piercings

You will have to consider the number of piercings that you can have as per the lip piercing types. You will discover that while one person can have say, 3 piercings, another one can only a have maximum of two. It all builds down to shape and size of the lips.Undeniably, if you have small lips, you can only have so much in regard to the piercings.

Factors affecting Lip piercing types


The choice of the lip piercing types has a bearing on the cost or the other way round. If for instance you are going to have certain piercings for a gold stud, the cost of the material will be different from if the jewerly to be used is much cheaper. To this end, you have to consider the cost of the jewerly with the same weight as the piercing itself.

Personal preference

All said and done, you will find that the choice of the lip piercing types may have much to do with the personal choice. This basically means that you can have the piercing whether it is expensive or does not look good on you from the point of view of the piercer. You will find that you like the piercing but the piercer feels it is not the right one for you. If the gut feeling tells you that you will have it, not even the cost will stop you.