Cheek piercing made simple

Cheek piercing made simple

This is a facial piercing, only that the cheek is the point of focus. It is known by the nickname dimple piercing with the barbell being one of the choice piercings to have. The reason why it is co called by that nickname is because it can be placed on symmetrically the opposite sides of the cheeks and go as deep as the cheeks. If you are not keen enough, you will find that you will mistake it for a dimple. There are a number of things that you will probably need to consider when you think about the cheek piercing.

Nerve damage

The cheek piercing has been on some occasion associated with the damage to the nerves. This could mean that you end up with what looks like man-made dimples.

Cheek piercing made simple

Micro dermal implants

This is a good alternative when talking about the cheek piercing. It basically means that instead of having what looks like artificial dimples; you will have the cheek piercing being done on the exact location of the dimples.

Lymph fluid

Cheek piercing made simple

It has been observed that when full cheek piercing is done, then you will be highly at risk of having the lymph fluid leaking. This fluid resembles the body saliva in terms of texture and if left unattended to, it will bring out an unpleasant smell from the cheeks. At this point, one needs to be cognizant of the fact that having an expert do this for you will save you from the agonizing drawbacks associated with this kind of piercing.


You should be conscious of the fact that scarring could easily occur especially with the microdermal than it would if you just had the normal scarring. In this respect, you will be better off with simple piercing so that you do not end up with permanent scars.


If the piercing is done the right way, you will discover that the infection rate will not be as high. This is because the piercing will not penetrate the cheek. It also means that you will not have to worry about the potential damage to the teeth and gums that is associated with pushing the piercing though the cheek as is the case with micro dermal implant. Talk to the expert to help you understand why this is important that you find out how the infections occur and how this can be minimized.

Cheek piercing made simple

Labret studs

One of the jewels associated with these piercing is the labret stud, which is basically used for piercing the cheek. It is 1.6mm flat, though even the barbells will serve the purpose. One important aspect of the labret studs is the fact that it plays an important role in preventing the cheek tissue from growing where the piercing has been done. This could potentially affect the appearance of the piercing especially where the tissue grows back and covers it. You will need an expert to understand why and how this happens and the impotence of having the right tool for the job.