Belly button rings

Belly button rings

Catchy designs of affordable belly button rings online

Many women fall in love with belly button piercing these days. They are eager to focus on trendy designs of rings specially designed for belly piercing. They have geared to compare the most fashionable belly button rings through online and begin their step to become the most beautiful women in the world. If you are interested in belly button piercing and search for a wide range of rings in this category, then you may get confused sometimes. This is because loads of designs of these ring online in our time.

Choose the best suitable belly button ring

Playboy belly rings and dangle belly button rings are the most recommended choices for those who like piercing these days. Wearers of these rings can feel comfort and confident about their style and uniqueness. This is because distinctive designs of these rings. Once you have planned to reveal your sensual side and enhance your fashionable look further, you can have a preference on the belly button ring. Visitors to piercing and tattoo saloons get the complete support to explore the latest collections of these rings.

Belly button rings

The material is the main factor to bear in mind while comparing different belly rings based on various factors. The skin-friendly material is the best option to get the highest possible return on investment in the belly button ring. The most recommended materials for these rings are as follows.

  • 14K real gold
  • 24K plated gold
  • 316L surgical steel
  • Bioplast or Bioflex
  • Titanium

Be conscious on how to wear belly button ring

Belly button rings

Once you have bought an outstanding quality and an extraordinary design of a belly button ring at a reasonable price, you can get the complete support from a professional in the tattoo salon to wear it. This is very important to read the user manual of well-known brands of belly button rings in detail. This is because you can get an overview about how to wear the belly button ring out of harm’s way.

Do not forget to sterilize the belly button ring with warm soapy water at first. This is because you have to remove dirt and oil content in the ring. If you are very conscious about your skin health condition, then you can autoclave the ring properly. An autoclave is the sterilization process in which an extreme heat is used to get rid of germs in the ring. This is worthwhile to wash your hands and wear medical gloves while inserting the ring with an added protection.

You have to unscrew the belly ring’s top ball and set it aside. Once you have removed the top ball of the belly button ring, use your thumb and forefinger to grasp the belly ring’s bottom ball gently. Now, twist the top ball in the gentle way and remove it from the barebell. It is the right time to put the belly button ring down directly. Be aware of the sensitive nature of the piercing hole. You may have to push it for a few times when you do it at the first time.