Anti-tragus Ear Piercings

Anti-tragus Ear Piercings

As it is well known, the ears are some of the most pierced parts of the body. You will find that some people have several ear piercings in just one ear. Of interest to many people are the various parts of the ear and what really matters when it comes to part of the ear to pierce. This article will make it clear to you which part of the ear you will have the piercing done.

Anti-tragus piercing is the type of ear piercing which is done on the cartilage part of the ear that is raised. It is based on the opposite side of the tragus, hence the anti-tragus. One of the determinants to having the anti-tragus piercings is the size of the ear. Some people have a small part of it such that you can hardly have it pierced. Others have larger ones implying that they can have several piercings done there.

Anti-tragus Ear Piercings


For those who wear earrings, it is recommended that you have enough space left for them. The same case applies for those who have long ear lobes

Why this is important

If you happen to have too much jewellery on the ear, they tend to crowd and when you walk, they will rub against the ear, leading to pain or discomfort.


If you need the anti-tragus, then you should ensure that you have the micro-jewellery which ions recommended as opposed to having large ones that will cause the obstruction and discomfort.

Anti-tragus Ear Piercings

The curved, circular barbell and the closure ring are some of best types of jewellery that you can start with.

Healing time

If you use saline solution to treat the wound after the piercing is done, you should expect to have the complete healing with 8-18 weeks. This translates to between 2 months 4 months at months at most. Some people take this long especially if there is any mishandling of the wound after the piercings have been done.

 What to avoid

During the healing process, it is highly advised again submerging the ear in water. For those who love swilling, you will have no option but to take a break from it until such a time when the healing has been complete.

It is important to maintain hygiene during the healing process, simply clean the piercings with saline solution preferably twice everyday till the wound recedes and heals.

Though there are many other piercing types, the anti-tragus is one of the most popular and is indeed a beautiful spot to don with jewels and look splendid. Talk to a specialist who wills advice you for or against depending on the size of this part and the shape of the year. From this end, you will be able to make decisions on what to take from the various other options that are available.

In conclusion, the ear is one of the most decorated parts of the body which you should consider giving your attention. Try out the various options available until you find the best for you.